Beam: Key Features, Details, & Pricing


About Beam

Beam is a cloud management platform that provides cost optimization, cloud visibility, and governance across public, private, and hybrid multicloud environments. It offers powerful automation capabilities, actionable reports, and a unified dashboard. 

Beam Key Features

  • Cost Optimization: provides deep insights into cloud environments with one-click cost optimization, which can help users save up to 35% or more on cloud costs.
  • Cloud Visibility: offers visibility into public and private cloud spending, simplifying cost management and multicloud governance.
  • Automation: provides powerful automation capabilities, allowing users to automate tasks, right-size resources, and make smarter reserved instance purchases.

What We Like About Beam provides connectors to read from and write to different systems, including Google Cloud services and third-party technologies such as Apache Kafk.

What We Dislike About Beam

Some users may find the automation capabilities of to be complex and difficult to use.

Beam Price

Beam Price

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