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About BrieflyAI

BrieflyAI is an AI-powered note-taking and summarizing tool that helps you be more productive during and after meetings. It transcribes all your meetings automatically and categorizes them based on their content, making it easier to find specific discussions at a later time. BrieflyAI uses GPT to summarize transcriptions, pull out key insights and personalized action items so you don’t have to comb through transcripts to synthesize notes.

BrieflyAI Key Features

  • Automatic transcription of meetings.
  • Categorization of meetings based on content.
  • GPT-powered summarization of transcriptions.

What We Like About BrieflyAI

The tool’s AI-powered note-taking and summarizing capabilities help users write focused, clear, and concise briefs by offering customizable templates and suggestions on content, tone, and phrasing.

What We Dislike About BrieflyAI

BrieflyAI’s pricing plans may not be affordable for everyone.

BrieflyAI Price

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