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About Consensus

Consensus is a new search engine that uses artificial intelligence to extract and distill information directly from scientific research in order to provide users with evidence-based answers to their queries. It is powered by GPT-4 and uses a combination of natural language processing, machine learning, and blockchain technology to analyze and evaluate web content, as well as to reward and incentivize content creators and curators.

Consensus Key Features

  • Consensus provides evidence-based answers to users’ queries by extracting and distilling findings directly from scientific research.
  • Consensus only searches through peer-reviewed, published sources.
  • Consensus’s AI reads the papers for users and extracts key findings.

What We Like About Consensus

Consensus makes finding rigorous answers simple and easy by automating parts of the research process.

What We Dislike About Consensus

Consensus is primarily focused on providing evidence-based answers to users’ queries and may not be suitable for users looking for a more comprehensive search engine.

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