DoNotPay: Key Features, Details, & Pricing


About DoNotPay

DoNotPay is an online legal service and chatbot that started off as an app for contesting parking tickets. It has since evolved into a multi-faceted legal assistant that can help you with all kinds of troubles. The product provides a “robot lawyer” service that claims to make use of artificial intelligence to contest legal issues ranging from consumer protection to immigration rights.

DoNotPay Key Features

  • It can help users get a refund from Uber Eats, cancel a Planet Fitness membership, get bank fees waived, cancel all manner of free trials, and even sue the pants off a robocaller.
  • DoNotPay can be a burner phone number, a virtual credit card, a digital line-sitter, and lots more.
  • It also offers a Free Trial Card feature which gives users a virtual credit card number that can be used to sign up for free online trials (such as Netflix and Spotify).

What We Like About DoNotPay

  • DoNotPay is a great service that places some power in your hands to deal with situations that are often made overly complicated by governments and businesses.
  • The low subscription price of $3 per month makes it an affordable option for anyone who needs legal assistance.

What We Dislike About DoNotPay

Once you signup you can’t cancel the service and get a refund.

DoNotPay Price

DoNotPay is a paid-for service that costs $3 per month and the subscription cost is $36 every three months.

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