EmailTriager: Key Features, Details, & Pricing


About EmailTriager

EmailTriager is an AI-based email assistant that can automatically draft replies to your emails. It is a new development in the field of technology that uses Artificial Intelligence to draft email replies in the background automatically.

EmailTriager Key Features

  • Automated drafting: Use AI to automatically draft email replies in the background.
  • Plain English commands: Simply tell EmailTriager what to do in plain English, and drafts will magically show up in your inbox, ready to be sent.
  • No installation required: Nothing to install, no chrome extension, just sign in and start getting drafts.

What We Like About EmailTriager

It saves a lot of time by automatically drafting email replies in the background.

What We Dislike About EmailTriager

EmailTriager is limited to drafting email replies and does not offer other email management features.

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