EssayGrader AI: Key Features, Details, & Pricing

EssayGrader AI

About EssayGrader AI is an innovative tool designed to assist teachers in grading essays and papers online. It is an AI-powered grading assistant that provides high-quality, specific, and accurate writing feedback for essays. Thousands of teachers and students use to improve their writing and grading every day. 

EssayGrader AI Key Features

  • Detailed Feedback Reports: With rubric-based assessments, generates comprehensive feedback reports that help identify improvement areas quickly.
  • Error Reports: highlights grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors found in an essay.
  • Summarization: The summarizer feature gives a concise summary including the most important information and unique phrases.

What We Like About EssayGrader AI

The tool is easy to use and provides detailed feedback reports that help teachers identify improvement areas quickly.

What We Dislike About EssayGrader AI does not integrate with other tools, which can be inconvenient for some users.

EssayGrader AI Price

EssayGrader AI Price

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