Flowshot AI: Key Features, Details, & Alternatives

Flowshot AI

About Flowshot AI

Flowshot is a Google Sheets AI toolkit that allows users to incorporate strong AI models into their workflow, automate processes, and generate formulas, graphics, and more with a few clicks. It offers 100,000 free characters per month, with extra subscriptions available for higher consumption and team assistance.

Flowshot AI Key Features

  • Autocomplete: Complete a range of cells with examples for faster data entry.
  • AI-powered formulas: Quickly generate formulas using AI prompts.
  • Task management: Manage and track tasks within Google Sheets.
  • Web data extraction: Extract data from websites and import it into Google Sheets.

What We Like About Flowshot AI

The autocomplete feature is a real time-saver, making data entry faster and more efficient.

What We Dislike About Flowshot AI

The pricing plans can be a bit confusing, with different features available at different price points.

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