GetLuminal: Key Features, Details, & Alternatives


Getluminal is a powerful AI-based productivity tool that helps users clean, transform, and analyze spreadsheets 10x faster. It is designed to perform powerful editing operations, answer sophisticated questions, and run AI-enabled operations over large amounts of data using nothing but natural language.

GetLuminal Key Features

1. AI Copilot: comes with a powerful AI copilot that helps users perform complex operations on spreadsheets. The AI copilot can understand natural language and perform operations based on user input.

2. Natural Language Processing: uses natural language processing to understand user input and perform operations accordingly. This makes it easy for users to work with large amounts of data without having to learn complex programming languages.

3. Spreadsheet Importer: features a spreadsheet importer that uses AI to help businesses process spreadsheets more efficiently. It features powerful data types, formats, and validations, making it easy for users to import and work with data from different sources.

4. MagAI: comes with MagAI, an AI-powered assistant tool that uses ChatGPT technology combined with super features such as search, filter, folders, and team collaboration to help users work more efficiently.

Where Can I Use GetLuminal?

1. is a powerful tool for data analysis. It can help users clean, transform, and analyze large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

2.’s spreadsheet importer makes it easy for businesses to import and work with data from different sources. This can save businesses a lot of time and effort.

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