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About InterviewBot

InterviewBot is a free interview practice website that offers interviews in numerous subjects. It is designed to help people prepare for interviews and features customizable avatars and an AI coach that provides feedback on your performance. Candidates can record and play back their interviews, allowing them to review their performance and improve their skills.

InterviewBot Key Features

  • Free interview practice website offering interviews in numerous subjects.
  • Candidates can record and play back their interviews.
  • An AI coach will provide feedback on your performance.
  • Customizable avatars to make the experience more engaging.
  • Accessible from anywhere, at any time.

What We Like About InterviewBot

  • The ability to practice interviews in numerous subjects is a great way to prepare for a variety of job opportunities.
  • The AI coach provides valuable feedback on your performance, helping you to improve your skills and increase your chances of success.

What We Dislike About InterviewBot

  • While InterviewBot is a great tool for practicing interviews, it cannot replace the value of a face-to-face interview.
  • It is important to remember that the results of the interview can be based on subjective aspects instead of your resume.

InterviewBot Price

InterviewBot Price

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