InterviewGPT AI: Key Features, Details, & Alternatives

InterviewGPT AI

About InterviewGPT AI is an AI-powered tool that empowers job seekers to practice interviews, refine their skills, and gain insights into potential employers and career paths.

InterviewGPT AI Key Features

  • provides job interview practice with AI, allowing users to practice technical, hard skills specific to the job, and to explore culture fit.
  • The website offers a range of interview scenarios, including technical, behavioral, and case-based interviews, and provides users with detailed feedback on their performance.
  • It also suggests tips and strategies to help users improve their interview skills.

What We Like About InterviewGPT AI

The AI-powered tool provides feedback on the user’s performance, highlighting areas where they need improvement. 

What We Dislike About InterviewGPT AI has been flagged for trying to game the upvote system, poor customer reviews, and shady practices. 

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