Inworld AI: Key Features, Details, & Pricing

Inworld AI

About Inworld AI is a developer platform that allows users to integrate real-time scalable AI characters, NPCs, and emotional AI chatbots with configurable safety, 4th wall, multimodality, and more. It is designed to be used in gaming, virtual reality, and other interactive experiences.

Inworld AI Key Features

  • Real-time scalable AI characters and NPCs.
  • Emotional AI chatbots.
  • Configurable safety and 4th wall.
  • Multimodality.
  • No-code studio for easy creation of AI characters.
  • Designed to scale instantly without additional configuration.

What We Like About Inworld AI

  • is a production-ready platform designed to scale instantly without any additional configuration.
  •’s Character Engine Power expression with multimodal AI puts personality at the center of AI to enable increased immersion and connection.

What We Dislike About Inworld AI


Inworld AI Price

Inworld AI Price

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