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About Kaedim

Kaedim3d is a revolutionary platform that allows users to convert 2D images, art, or sketches into 3D models with the touch of a button. This platform is backed by the best in AI and gaming, with investors from Google to Roblox, making Kaedim a leader in the transition from 2D to 3D digital content.

Kaedim Key Features

  • Kaedim is optimized for usable, production-ready 3D assets. The platform has worked closely with 3D artists to ensure outputs are up to industry standards.
  •  Kaedim generates production-ready models that can be used in various applications.
  • Kaedim integrates with your favorite tools, making 3D asset generation 100% seamless. The power of generated models, in the tools you know and use.

What We Like About Kaedim

The platform generates high-quality 3D models that are production-ready and up to industry standards.

What We Dislike About Kaedim

The platform does not offer much customization, and users may need to spend more time editing the generated models to fit their needs.

Kaedim Price

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