Kreado AI: Key Features, Details, & Pricing

Kreado AI

About Kreado AI

The tool is a video creation platform driven by AI that allows users to make multilingual videos with virtual characters. Users can submit text or keywords, and the system will generate an avatar image and an oral video depending on the information given. It also delivers marketing copy generated by AI. The platform is free to use and allows creators to employ AI to improve the quality of their videos.

Kreado AI Key Features

  • It is suitable for e-commerce business scenarios such as wigs, clothing, beauty makeup, glasses, etc.
  • It quickly generates a virtual digital human image that perfectly blends with your products.
  • The tool offers custom AI-generated avatars and multilingual oral video creation.
  • It can be generated by simply uploading the product map, which is extremely efficient.
  • The filming effect does not require subsequent optimization, it can be used directly.

What We Like About Kreado AI

The cost of virtual characters is low, and there is no need to purchase the copyright of character portraits.

What We Dislike About Kreado AI

Kreado AI’s pricing can be a bit steep for those on a tight budget.

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