Landing AI: Key Features, Details, & Pricing

Landing AI

About Landing AI

Landing AI is a computer vision platform and AI software company that provides cloud-based computer vision software platforms. Landing AI’s computer vision platform, LandingLens, offers a range of features that make it easier for companies to keep up with compliance requirements and reduce the time and cost of developing AI projects.  It allows users to upload images, label objects in images, train models, and evaluate model performance.

Landing AI Key Features

  • After completing model training, you can test your model performance by showing it new images. View your model’s predictions and deploy.
  • Once your model is accurate enough for use, deploy it to the cloud or edge devices.
  • You can monitor your model performance and update your model as needed.

What We Like About Landing AI

We like Landing AI’s collaborative approach to AI, which helps companies apply and expand AI across their manufacturing footprint by themselves.

What We Dislike About Landing AI

One thing we dislike about Landing AI is that it is primarily focused on computer vision and does not offer a wide range of AI solutions.

Landing AI Price

Landing AI Price

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