Melville App: Key Features, Details, & Pricing

Melville App

About Melville App

Melville is an AI-powered podcast copywriter that helps save time and money by automatically generating click-worthy episode titles, optimized episode summaries, keywords for better SEO, and time-stamped key points. It allows for multiple podcasts to be added to an account and supports MP3 file formats.

Melville App Key Features

  • UseMelville can quickly organize emails, prioritize them, and even suggest responses.
  • UseMelville can schedule meetings with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails.
  • UseMelville can help users manage their to-do lists and prioritize tasks.

What We Like About Melville App

The AI-assisted email organization feature is particularly useful for busy professionals who receive a large volume of emails.

What We Dislike About Melville App

Some users may find the AI-assisted email organization feature to be too intrusive, as it requires access to their email accounts.

Melville App Price

The exact pricing information for is not available.

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