Monstermash: Key Features, Details, & Pricing


About Monstermash

Monster Mash is a new sketch-based modeling and animation tool that allows you to quickly sketch a character, inflate it into 3D, and promptly animate it.

Monstermash Key Features

  • Sketch-based modeling and animation tool.
  • Quickly sketch a character and inflate it into 3D.
  • Perform all interactions with the character in 3D.
  • Open-source code available.
  • User forum for discussions and sharing results.

What We Like About Monstermash

  • Monster Mash is a user-friendly tool that allows you to create 3D animations quickly and easily.
  • The sketch-based modeling feature is unique and allows for a more intuitive and creative approach to 3D modeling.

What We Dislike About Monstermash

The tool may not be suitable for professional use, as it is designed for casual 3D modeling and animation.

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