Olvy: Key Features, Details, & Alternatives


Olvy is a user feedback management tool that helps product teams track and analyze user feedback, prioritize focus areas, and automate feedback collection from different sources. It is designed to help teams ship products faster and smoother by keeping everyone in the loop.

Olvy Key Features

1. Feedback Collection: Olvy.co allows teams to collect feedback from multiple sources, including Twitter, Slack, email, Discord, and in-app feedback widgets. This makes it easier for teams to listen to their users everywhere they are.

2. Feedback Management: Olvy.co turns feedback into tickets for teams, making it easier to manage and prioritize feedback. Teams can filter, segment, search, identify patterns, and synthesize feedback using Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated summaries.

3. Release Management: Olvy.co helps teams manage in-app releases by providing a central hub for all user insights. This makes it easier for teams to identify pain-points and prioritize focus areas.

4. Customizable Branding: Olvy.co allows teams to customize the branding of their feedback widgets and feedback portal. This makes it easier for teams to maintain brand consistency.

5. Sentiment Analysis: Olvy.co provides sentiment analysis, allowing teams to understand the sentiment of their users. This makes it easier for teams to identify areas that need improvement.

6. SEO Management: Olvy.co provides SEO management, allowing teams to optimize their feedback portal for search engines. This makes it easier for users to find the feedback portal.

Where Can I Use Olvy?

  • Collect feedback from multiple sources
  • Prioritize focus areas
  • Automate feedback collection
  • Manage in-app releases

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