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About Poly

Poly is a web tool that allows users to generate design assets using advanced AI. Specifically, withpoly.com is an AI Texture Engine that allows users to quickly generate customized, 8K HD, and seamlessly tile-able textures with 32-bit PBR maps using a simple text and/or image prompt. Users can browse thousands of free HD seamless PBR textures that they can instantly download, or generate their own in seconds with Poly’s advanced AI editor.

Poly Key Features

  • Users can generate design assets for free in seconds using advanced AI.
  • Poly allows users to save their assets into collections to find them fast and build their library.
  • There are no limits on how many times users can generate design assets.
  • Poly’s AI editor allows users to generate seamless 3D textures, graphics, icons, sprites, and more.

What We Like About Poly

  • Poly is a free web tool that allows users to generate design assets without any cost.
  • Poly’s AI editor is easy to use and generates design assets in seconds with a simple text prompt.

What We Dislike About Poly

While Poly’s AI editor generates a variety of design assets, it is limited to textures, graphics, icons, and sprites.

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