Polyhive AI: Key Features, Details, & Pricing

Polyhive AI

About Polyhive AI

Polyhive.ai is an AI texturing tool and asset management platform for game studios. It enables users to texture 3D meshes with text using a mesh-aware texturing process that produces high-quality, game-ready assets.

Polyhive AI Key Features

  • Automatic thumbnail generation.
  • Browser model viewer.
  • Deep game engine integration.
  • Material map generation.
  • Collaborative asset management.
  • Game engine integration through Unity and Unreal SDKs.

What We Like About Polyhive AI

  • High-quality, game-ready assets.
  • Collaborative asset management.

What We Dislike About Polyhive AI

Polyhive.ai’s documentation and tutorials are limited, which can make it difficult for users to get started with the platform.

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