PromptLoop: Key Features, Details, & Alternatives


About PromptLoop

PromptLoop is a powerful AI tool that simplifies data analysis for researchers and professionals using Google Sheets and Excel. It allows users to quickly and accurately transform, extract, or summarize any text using AI models like chatGPT and GPT4 with a single formula. 

PromptLoop Key Features

  • AI in Google Sheets and Excel with a single formula.
  • Categorize, summarize, and transform any text data.
  • Quickly analyze large sales lists with AI models.
  • Unpack complex survey responses.

What We Like About PromptLoop

We like that PromptLoop is easy to use and provides high accuracy (90%+). It also offers great support from the team, which is essential for any AI tool. 

What We Dislike About PromptLoop

One of the main drawbacks is that it only works with Google Sheets and Excel. This means that users who prefer other spreadsheet software will not be able to use PromptLoop.

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