Roam Around: Key Features, Details, & Alternatives

Roam Around

About Roam Around is an AI-powered travel planner that uses GPT-3 technology to create personalized travel itineraries.

Roam Around Key Features

  • generates suggestions for destinations, activities, and accommodations based on user preferences.
  • The tool caters to different types of travelers, allowing them to create personalized travel plans or use premade plans.
  • As a beta product, encourages user feedback to improve and refine its functionality, providing users with a unique opportunity to contribute to the platform’s development.

What We Like About Roam Around

  • The ability to receive personalized recommendations based on our preferences.
  • The option to create our own travel plans or use premade plans.

What We Dislike About Roam Around

As a young, self-funded company with only five employees, may face limitations in building and implementing all desired features.

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