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About SheetAI is a powerful tool that allows users to harness the power of AI in Google Sheets. This AI-driven program automates the analysis process by looking at text data and identifying patterns, allowing users to quickly and accurately transform their data. With, users can easily transform their text instructions into Google Sheet formulas, saving them time and effort.

SheetAI Key Features

  • SHEETAI function: This function allows users to generate a response to a single prompt. Users can quickly generate whole paragraphs or procedures, clean up lists of names, addresses, emails, classify reviews with sentiment analysis or feature categorization, summarize, write responses to online comments, and quickly try multiple versions of a prompt.
  • SHEETAI_RANGE function: This function allows users to get an answer for a question based on range info. Users can ask questions based on data and get answers quickly and accurately.
  • SHEETAI_IMAGE function: This function allows users to generate images using AI. Users can provide a description and get AI to generate images from scratch. It’s like magic!

What We Like About SheetAI is a powerful tool that can save users time and effort. With its AI-driven functions, users can automate tasks and generate insights quickly and accurately.

What We Dislike About SheetAI is only available as an add-on for Google Sheets. Users who don’t use Google Sheets won’t be able to use this tool.

SheetAI Price

SheetAI Price


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