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ZBrain AI

About ZBrain AI

ZBrain.AI is an AI platform that enables businesses to create personalized ChatGPT applications trained on their own data. With ZBrain, you can easily build a custom ChatGPT interface in minutes, harnessing the power of open-source large language models such as GPT-4, GPT-NeoX, and FLAN with one click and connecting it to your private data.

ZBrain AI Key Features

1. ZBrain Flow: ZBrain Flow empowers you to create business logic without writing any code. The intuitive flow interface allows you to connect multiple large language models, prompt templates, and image and video models with extraction and parsing tools to build powerful and intelligent applications.

2. AI Risk Governance for Enterprises: ZBrain simplifies data importing from databases, cloud storage, and APIs, preprocessing it for fine-tuning with the Large Language Models. ZBrain also provides AI risk governance for enterprises, ensuring that your AI models are transparent, explainable, and ethical.

3. Continuous Improvement of Results: ZBrain improves responses using RLHF (Reinforced Learning by Human Feedback), which continuously improves the results by learning from human feedback.

4. Seamless Integration: ZBrain offers seamless integration of ZBrain as a prompt-response service into your existing tools and products.

What We Like About ZBrain AI

  • ZBrain.AI is easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with coding. The drag-and-drop interface of ZBrain Flow simplifies creating and modifying complex business logic.
  • ZBrain.AI is highly customizable, allowing businesses to create personalized ChatGPT applications trained on their own data.

What We Dislike About ZBrain AI

ZBrain.AI’s website provides limited information about the platform, making it difficult to understand the full capabilities of the platform.

ZBrain AI Price

ZBrain AI Price

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