33 Best AI Tools to Boost Productivity in 2023

Best AI Tools to Boost Productivity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are becoming increasingly popular in various areas such as writing, content creation, project management, calendar management, transcription, social media management, sales, and marketing.

These tools are designed to streamline task management and other processes, with the ultimate goal of improving productivity and saving time and money without losing quality.

Here are the 33 best AI tools to boost productivity in 2023, along with their key features and why you should use them:


1. Beautiful.ai

Beautiful.ai is a presentation software that helps teams create visually appealing and professional-looking slides. It is designed to simplify the process of designing presentations by applying the rules of great design in real-time. With Beautiful.ai, users can add content to their slides, and the software automatically adapts the design to create visually stunning presentations.

2. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an AI-powered writing tool that generates human-like text for various use cases, including marketing copy, blog posts, social media captions, and more. Jasper AI is designed to understand context and generate text that flows naturally, making it a powerful tool for creating high-quality written content. It offers a variety of templates to assist users in generating specific types of content, such as blog introductions, product descriptions, and company bios.

3. WriteSonic

WriteSonic is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps users create various forms of content, including marketing copy, blog posts, social media captions, and more. It uses machine learning algorithms to generate high-quality outputs that are original and plagiarism-free. The accuracy of the answers and content generated by WriteSonic is impressive, making it a reliable writing assistant.

4. Descript

Descript is a collaborative audio and video editor that uses AI-powered features to make editing as easy as editing a document. It allows users to write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and share their videos and podcasts in one place. Descript automatically transcribes audio and video files, making it easy to edit and search for specific content. The software offers a range of editing tools, including the ability to cut, copy, and paste audio and video clips, add effects, and adjust the volume.

5. Surfer SEO

SurferSEO is a modern SEO tool used to optimize content for first-page rankings on search engines like Google. Surfer SEO provides a comprehensive set of tools for researching, auditing, writing, optimizing, and generating SEO-optimized articles. It offers an AI-powered writing feature that can produce high-quality, well-optimized articles in just 20 minutes. Users can generate briefs with catchy headlines, structure their content with an outline builder, and write and optimize content in any language.

6. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI that uses natural language processing to create human-like conversational dialogue. It is a large language model-based chatbot that enables users to refine and steer a conversation towards a desired length, format, style, level of detail, and language used. ChatGPT can respond to questions and compose various written content, including articles, social media posts, essays, code, and emails.

7. Midjourney

Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence program and service created by Midjourney, Inc., an independent research lab based in San Francisco. It generates images from natural language descriptions, known as “prompts”. Midjourney can convert text prompts into visually stunning and realistic images.

8. Pictory AI

Pictory AI is an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that offers various features for video creation and content extraction. It can automatically extract valuable information from Zoom, Teams, and webinar recordings, allowing users to share these “golden nuggets” on social media platforms. Pictory AI can also transform blog posts into engaging videos, boost search engine rankings, and add captions to videos automatically. Additionally, it provides the ability to create high-conversion Video Sales Letters with stock footage, music, and voiceovers in just minutes.

9. Genei

Genei is an AI-powered research and note-taking tool that helps users analyze web pages, documents, and PDF files more efficiently. Genei can extract keywords from documents and provide their definitions, helping users optimize their article content. Users can perform searches within and across documents using semantic and query-based search capabilities. Genei can summarize entire documents or specific sections within them, providing a concise overview of the content. Users can organize documents into projects, annotate articles with comments and highlights, tag words and phrases with custom definitions, and make notes.

10. Zapier’s OpenAI integration

Zapier is a platform that allows users to connect different apps and automate workflows without writing any code. Zapier has an integration with OpenAI, which includes GPT-3, DALL-E, and Whisper. With this integration, users can use automated workflows called Zaps to deliver real value across marketing, customer support, and even product management.

11. Neural.love

Neural.love is a web-based tool that uses AI to create artistic images, avatars, and realistic portraits. It provides a free AI image generator and AI enhance tools. The tool is designed to bridge the gap between AI and people by making it more accessible and trustworthy through a commitment to innovation and responsibility. Neural.love is a generative AI system that specializes in generating images of romantic and intimate scenes. The system uses a deep learning approach to generate images based on text inputs, with a focus on capturing the essence of love and intimacy.

12. Stable Diffusion

Stablediffusionweb is an online interface for creating images using the Stable Diffusion image generation model. Stable Diffusion is a latent text-to-image diffusion model that can generate photo-realistic images given any text input. The website allows users to create high-quality images of anything they can imagine in seconds by typing in a text prompt and hitting “Generate”.

13. DALL·E 2

DALL·E 2 is an AI system developed by OpenAI that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. It is a generative AI technology that enables users to create new images with text to graphics prompts. DALL·E 2 can create original, realistic images and art from a text description by combining concepts, attributes, and styles. It can also expand images beyond what’s in the original canvas, make realistic edits to existing images from a natural language caption, and take an image and create different variations of it inspired by the original.

14. Illustroke

Illustroke is a text-to-SVG tool that generates vector illustrations from text prompts using AI. It works on a token system, where each token is equivalent to one illustration generation request, and in each request, you’ll receive three variants of the same illustration, giving you the ability to choose the best one. The illustrations can be downloaded in SVG format, and no attribution is required. They can be used for commercial purposes.

15. Mem AI

Mem AI is a note-taking app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help users organize and recall their notes and information. The app is designed to be a “personal Google” that stores information from across a user’s digital life and then surfaces the right information in the right context. Mem AI is a workspace that allows users to save what they already know, capture new thoughts quickly, and engage in dynamic conversation with their knowledge through the world’s first truly personalized AI.

16. Otter AI

Otter.ai is a technology company based in Mountain View, California, that develops speech-to-text transcription applications using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The software, called Otter, is used to generate written transcriptions of speeches and shows captions for live speakers. Otter uses AI to write automatic meeting notes with real-time transcription, recorded audio, automated slide capture, and automated meeting summaries.

17. Beautiful.ai

Beautiful.ai is a cloud-based presentation platform that uses artificial intelligence to design slides based on content and user preferences. It is a tool that helps users create professional and engaging presentations easily. eautiful.ai automatically adjusts the layout, colors, fonts, and animations to make slides look beautiful. It applies the rules of great design in real-time, so users don’t have to worry about fonts, colors, layouts, or animations.

18. Synthesia

Synthesia AI is a synthetic media generation platform that is used to create AI-generated video content. It is a tool that allows users to turn text into high-quality videos with AI avatars and voiceovers in over 120 languages. Synthesia is often used by businesses for communication, orientation, and training videos. It has been used in advertising campaigns, reporting, product demonstrations, and to create chatbots.

19. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a cloud-based time tracking and management solution used by businesses for monitoring workforce productivity. It offers tools for time tracking, web activity monitoring, payroll management, and reporting. Time Doctor is an employee time tracking software that helps teams get more done each day. It provides automatic time tracking that lets you know where the team excels and where it needs help so you can easily improve individual and overall performance.

20. GrowBots

Growbots is a cloud-based outbound sales platform that helps businesses automate lead generation and manage email drip campaigns. It allows users to perform all crucial outbound initiatives in one user-friendly dashboard, including building complex email sequences with manual tasks, conducting A/B tests, and replying to all prospects from one dashboard. Growbots offers functionalities such as lead source tracking, lead database, lead capture, and contact import-export.

21. Calendly

Calendly is an online appointment scheduling software that simplifies the process of finding and booking meeting times. It eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails and messages by providing a platform where users can share their availability and allow others to choose a suitable time to meet. Calendly integrates with popular calendar platforms like Google and Microsoft Outlook, automatically adding scheduled meetings to users’ calendars.

22. Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser is an AI-powered image editing tool that can remove unwanted objects, people, watermarks, texts, logos, and backgrounds from images in seconds. It is developed by Magic Studio and is available as a web-based tool, mobile app, and API. Magic Eraser uses a simple three-step process: upload the image, mark the object or area to be removed, and download the edited image. It supports JPEG and PNG formats and is suitable for a variety of uses, such as real estate photography, fashion, and social media.

23. Narakeet

Narakeet is a text-to-speech video maker that allows users to create narrated videos easily. It was created for a global audience and supports 90 languages and 600 voices. Narakeet uses artificial intelligence to create life-like narration from speaker notes in a presentation or from markdown scripts. Users can edit video as simply as they would edit text, saving hours by not having to record and re-record audio, synchronize picture with sound, and transcribe subtitles.

24. Profile Picture AI

Profile Picture AI refers to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to generate or enhance profile pictures. These AI-powered tools can create realistic and personalized avatars or modify existing photos to improve their appearance. The generated profile pictures can be used for social media profiles, online platforms, gaming channels, and more. They can generate avatars that capture the likeness and personality of an individual or enhance existing photos by applying filters, retouching, or other modifications.

25. Grammarly

Grammarly is an American cloud-based typing assistant that helps users improve their writing by reviewing spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes in English texts. It also detects plagiarism and suggests replacements for identified errors. Grammarly is available as a standalone application for desktop programs, a browser extension optimized for Google Docs, and a smartphone keyboard. It can be used in various applications and websites, including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and text messages.

26. Copy AI

Copy.ai is an AI-powered content writing tool that uses machine learning to generate various types of content, including blog headlines, emails, social media content, web copy, and more. It is designed to help users with the copywriting process by providing various tools and writing frameworks to help get started. Copy.ai is available in more than 25 languages and is a great tool for beginners to get familiar with generative AI. It contains over 90 content templates and tools, which rivals most other AI writing tools. It generates sales copy, digital ads, ecommerce product descriptions, and more.

27. ChainGPT

ChainGPT is an advanced artificial intelligence model designed for blockchain technology and crypto-related topics. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to provide users with information and solutions to tasks such as no-code smart-contract programming, debugging, analysis, generating NFT collections, and more. ChainGPT also offers a chatbot that can answer general and technical questions related to blockchain and crypto. It can also generate articles on required topics in relation to the developments in the sector. Additionally, it has some uses as an AI-trading assistant, helping users analyze charts and historical trading data.

28. Picsart AI

Picsart AI is a suite of creative tools that includes an AI Image Generator and an AI Writer. The AI Image Generator allows users to create images from a word, phrase, or sentence in seconds. The generator creates up to four images from the prompt, and those images are added to the free-to-edit content library and made available to the entire community. The AI-generated images are FreeToEdit, which means that other Picsart users can remix, edit, and duplicate them. Users can also use their AI-generated images for commercial/business purposes, as long as the images don’t contain any trademark or copyright.

29. Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is Adobe’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tool that integrates with Adobe software. It helps analysts, marketers, creatives, advertisers, and business professionals streamline workflows from ideation to production by automating time-consuming tasks and gaining better control of processes. Adobe Sensei is built into many Adobe programs, like Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and After Effects, to name a few.

30. Hugging Face

Hugging Face is an American company that develops tools for building applications using machine learning. It is most notable for its transformers library built for natural language processing applications and its platform that allows users to share machine learning models and datasets. Hugging Face provides MLOps solutions, ranging from customized support, training, fine-tuning, deployment services, optimizing facilities, APIs and on-premise solutions for ultra-fast inference, no-code tools.

31. OpenAI

OpenAI is an American artificial intelligence research laboratory consisting of the non-profit OpenAI and its for-profit subsidiary corporation OpenAI Limited Partnership. OpenAI conducts AI research with the declared intention of promoting and developing friendly AI. The company has a range of research areas, including generative models, robotics, and natural language processing

32. TensorFlow

TensorFlow is a free and open-source software library for machine learning and artificial intelligence. It was developed by the Google Brain team for internal Google use in research and production and was released under the Apache License 2.0 in 2015. TensorFlow is an end-to-end open-source platform for machine learning that provides a comprehensive, flexible ecosystem of tools, libraries, and community resources that lets researchers push the state-of-the-art in ML and developers easily build and deploy ML-powered applications.

33. PyTorch

PyTorch.org is the official website of PyTorch, an open-source machine learning framework that accelerates the path from research prototyping to production deployment. PyTorch is primarily developed by Facebook’s AI research group and is used for developing and training neural network-based deep learning models. It is free and open-source software released under the modified BSD license. PyTorch is designed to be intuitive, linear in thought, and easy to use, and it is known for its dynamic computation, which allows greater flexibility in building complex architectures.

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