How To Avoid AI Detection In Your Writing? 2 Simple Methods

How To Avoid AI Detection?

Writing content that goes undetected by AI algorithms involves more than just changing words while maintaining the same meaning. By adopting a writing style infused with personal anecdotes and experiences, you can create content that appears genuinely human and avoids triggering AI detection systems.

Can AI detector tools be trusted?

While AI content detectors are valuable, they aren’t flawless. They can yield false positives by misidentifying human-written content as AI-generated. Common reasons for this include similar writing styles, repetitive phrases, unusual grammar, limited training data, and the evolving nature of AI algorithms.

How to Avoid and Bypass AI Detection?

Method 1. UndetectableAI to bypass AI detections

1. UndetectableAI is a reliable tool for rewriting the articles that by passes the AI detections.

2. I tested the UndetectableAI with the article that I generated with ChatGPT using the prompt “Write a 200 words articles on Health and Fitness”.

How to Avoid and Bypass AI Detection in ChatGPT article

3. I used two different AI detection tool to check the percentage of human written content vs AI written content. As expected, zerogpt detected 100% AI content.

zerogpt before


4. Gptzero detected 97% AI contents.


gptzero before


4. I copy and pasted the ChatGPT generated article in UndetectableAI and clicked on the “Humanize” button to transform the content.


5. Again I checked UndetectableAI generated humanized content with zerogpt and gptzero AI content detector tool. Bingo! Now its more human generated content.

AFter UndetectableAI


Method 2. Paraphraser to bypass AI detections

1. In second method I used a Free tool to rewrite the ChatGPT article.

2. I checked AI content in both zerogpt and gptzero AI content detector tool. Now 100% ChatGPT generated AI article is converted into 100% human generated content in just one simple click.

0% AI detection after

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