How to Use KreadoAI? Step by Step Tutorial

Kreado AI is an innovative video creation platform that leverages artificial intelligence to enable users to create multilingual oral videos with real or virtual characters.

The platform generates high-quality images and videos based on the provided text content and also offers AI-generated marketing copy to help users promote their products.

How to Use KreadoAI in 4 simple steps

1. Go KreadoAI

How to Use KreadoAI 0

2. Create an Account: First, create an account on the Kreado AI website.

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3. Choose Your Character: Select a character from the options available on Kreado AI

How to Use KreadoAI 0

4. Select Language and Tone: Choose the language for your video and the tone of the character’s voice. This can be friendly, professional, or another style

5. Provide Text Content: Add your script or keywords to the platform. The system will use this to create a picture and a spoken video

How to Use KreadoAI 0

6. Generate Avatar Image and Oral Video: Kreado AI uses smart technology to generate a picture and a video based on the provided text content

7. AI-Generated Marketing Copy (Optional): Kreado AI can also help you write content to promote your brand, saving time for other parts of your content plan

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